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what are the different types of treatment?

OUTPATIENT care involves health or mental health care within the community. What this generally will look like is you will go to a provider for your visit, which might include seeing a prescriber for medication, a nurse for a check-up, or another professional for counseling or help. They work with you to create your recovery plan.

INPATIENT care means you are admitted to a hospital on a doctor’s order. In general, inpatient care usually involves a short hospital stay, but can be long-term depending on what you need.

MAT Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of FDA-approved medication, usually in combination with therapy and recovery supports, for the treatment of opioid addiction or substance use. Physicians prescribe a medication based on a patient’s specific medical needs and other factors.

RESIDENTIAL treatment (sometimes called rehab) is a live-in health care facility providing therapy for mental health and/or substance use.

WITHDRAWAL MANAGEMENT, sometimes called detox, is done under the care of medical and mental health professionals.  Patients are monitored by medical professionals, increasing safety and comfort levels for people undergoing the painful symptoms and potential medical complications that may result from ending substance use. At times, medications can be administered to ease the process and reduce the strong cravings for the substance that typically are experienced at this point.

Local Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Providers


Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric services

Comprehensive mental health and addiction outpatient services for adults and youth, including assessments, counseling, and case management services. School-based counseling and prevention services are also offered. Clients may be referred or self-admit. FLC accepts all payer sources.



Mental health services for all ages and comprehensive programs for substance abuse, psychiatric services, vocational rehabilitation, prevention services, educational programs and crisis intervention including a 24-hour crisis helpline 800-826-1306. Medication Assisted Treatment is available. Clients may be referred or self-admit. Firelands accepts all payer sources and offers financial assistance.

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Oriana House offers two comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs in Huron County. Northwest Ohio Behavior & Reporting Services (NO BARS) is a court-ordered treatment program for women and men. Rigel Recovery Services is a substance abuse treatment program open to the public for self-referrals. Medication Assisted Treatment is available. Oriana House accepts all payer sources.

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