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what is prevention?

Prevention focuses on reducing the likelihood of or delaying the onset of behavioral health problems. This is accomplished through evidence-based prevention programs aimed at reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors.  It is an integral part of a healthy community as prevention promotes the health and safety of individuals and communities.

What is Prevention?  An Introduction


The Providing Resources and Opportunities Sustaining Prevention and Education for Resilience (PROSPER) coalition is made up of individuals from the community, representatives from local social services organizations, elected officials, and community leaders.  To learn more, visit 


PROSPER strives to support, empower, and advocate for the youth and families of Huron County by building resilience, promoting mental health wellness, and preventing substance abuse through collaborative strategies and education.

huron county prevention providers

Age Exchange

SFA (2).png

Services for Aging offers the Age Exchange Program which connects elementary-aged youth with volunteer seniors. This program is a once-a-week group mentoring program where children gain social, team-building and educational assets. Groups are held in both Norwalk and Willard.  For more information click here:



The Huron County Sheriff's Office, Norwalk Police Department, and Willard Police Department provide prevention programs for youth including the DARE program.  For more information click here:

Reach Our Youth


Reach Our Youth is a one-to-one mentoring program that matches volunteer mentors with at-risk youth. Many of the youth are in need of a good role model to share life's experiences. ​ROY aims to help youth grow into well-adjusted adults who contribute positively to their community.  The program serves youth ages 6 through 18 in Huron County.  For more information click here:

Huron County Family and Children First



Huron County Family and Children First Council is a partnership of local government, communities and families that enhances the well-being of Huron County’s children and families by building community capacity, coordinating systems and services, and engaging families.  The mission of the Council is to support and strengthen families to meet their responsibilities by facilitating family-centered, coordinated, community-based, preventive and comprehensive services and programs that identify and respond to the health, human, and social service needs of Huron County families.  For more information click here:


OhioGuidestone provides Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation services, both family-centered and classroom consultation, for children under the age of 6 in Huron County. The ECMHC service offers a specialized approach designed to assist preschools and daycare centers with addressing the needs of children enrolled in their centers, and strengthen and support teachers who serve these children, in an effort to promote social-emotional development and reduce preschool expulsions.  For more information click here:

Huron County Family

Dependency Court


The Huron County Family Dependency Treatment Court began in 2018.  The mission of the Family Dependency Treatment Court of Huron County is to serve the best interests of children by providing collaborative evaluation and treatment services for substance abusing parents who have lost, or are at risk of losing, custody of their children to abuse, neglect, or dependency.  These intensive services will improve the mental health, dependency, and substance abuse issues of parents and the well-being of their children through intervention and treatment in a holistic, strength-based, community-supported justice system.   For more information click here:

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