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Recovery Housing

Recovery housing is a safe and healthy living environment that promotes abstinence from alcohol and other drugs with peer support and accountability, relapse prevention, case management and employment skills training and other assistance to transition to living independently and productively in the community.


Levels of Recovery Housing 

There are four recognized levels of Recovery Housing in Ohio, which vary in structure and operation.


Level 1: Democratic, peer-run homes that include house meetings and self-help meetings, but no other formal supports such as paid staff and treatment. Housing is most often a single family home.


Level 2: Structured by house rules, peer run groups, house meetings and involvement in self-help as well as the availability of treatment services. Staffed by house manager. Can include single family and other types of dwellings.


Level 3: Supervised housing with administrative oversight. Treatment services available may be from a community provider offered onsite. Multiple and credentialed onsite staff such as facility manager and case workers.


Level 4: This level is certified and monitored by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as Residential Treatment.


Unifying Elements of Recovery Housing


  • Safe, Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment

  • Person driven length of stay

  • Creating a safe, stable community of peer support


Who is Recovery Housing for?

  • Individuals who are actively seeking recovery.

  • Individuals who desire a safe and structured living environment with others who share the same goal of sobriety.

  • Individuals who desire to participate in supportive services, or treatment services to further their recovery.

  • Individuals at risk of homelessness because they are exiting treatment, incarceration, military duty or are living in an environment that puts them at risk for using substances.

Men's House of Hope

Phone: 567-560-3587

Services: Level 2 Recovery Housing for men

Location: Willard

Women's House of Hope

Phone: 567-560-3587

Services: Level 2 Recovery Housing for women

Location: Norwalk

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