PUblic notices

The Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) is seeking donations for items needed for the Huron County Women’s Recovery House.

Bedroom Items:

Twin bed frames (8)
Twin mattresses (8) *must be new

Twin sheet sets - white (16) *new preferred

Twin blankets - white (16) *new preferred

Pillows (16) *must be new

Hangers for closets (160)

Nightstands (8)

Dressers (8)

Alarm clocks (8)

Lamps for nightstands (8)

Common Area Items:
Small computer desk/writing desk (2)

Desk chair (2)

Conference Table to seat 10 (1)

Chairs for conference table (10) *prefer no padding

Wall Clocks (2)


Living Room Items:

Couches (2) *new preferred

Loveseats (2) *new preferred

Cushioned side chairs (4) *new preferred

End tables (6)

Floor lamps (4)

Table lamps (4)


Kitchen/Dining Items:

Coffee mugs (16)
Casserole dishes/baking dishes (8)
Cookie sheets (8)
Silverware set for 8 (2)
Pots and pans
Small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, crockpot, iron, etc.) (2 of each)

Dining room table and chairs to seat 6 (2) *prefer no padding on chairs

Kitchen towels (16)

Oven mitts/pot holders (16)

Knife set (2)

Kitchen utensils (spatulas, large spoons, whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc.) 

Bath Items:

Bath towels - white (24) *must be new

Hand towels - white (24) *must be new

Washcloths - white (24) *must be new

Bath mats (8)

Laundry/Cleaning/Storage Items:

Washing machine (2)

Dryer (2)

Vacuum (2)

Mop (2)

Broom and dustpan (4)

Metal shelving for garage (2)

Outdoor Items:
Rakes (4)
Shovels (4)
Bicycles (8)
Patio furniture

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