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NARCAN distribution in huron county

Working Together to Reduce Opioid Overdose and Drug-Related Deaths

Let's Get Real of Huron County has partnered with Project DAWN (Deaths Avoid With Naloxone) to provide training and free naloxone kits at their walk in peer center located at 2 Oak Street in Norwalk.  A prescription is not necessary to receive training or to pick up the medication. 

Who should pick up a kit?

Anyone can pick up a kit and get trained.  Whether you are caring for a patient that uses opioids to manage pain or know someone with an opioid addiction, getting trained and picking up a kit can help save a life.

What training will I receive?

When you stop at the peer center, a peer supporter will have you fill out a form, provide written training instructions and the medication kit. 

You will be trained on: 
• Recognizing the signs and symptoms of overdose
• Performing rescue breathing
• Calling 911
• Administering intranasal naloxone

Where can I pick up free naloxone without a prescription?

Naloxone is available, at no cost, at the following locations in Huron County:

  • Let's Get Real of Huron County

       2 Oak Street, Basement (use entrance on the side of the building)

       Norwalk, Ohio

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huron county overdose response plan

As part of the Ohio Overdose Prevention Network Grant, the MHAS Board created the Huron County Overdose Response Plan.  The purpose of the Huron County Overdose Response Plan is to offer guidance on mobilizing immediate local efforts to respond to possible opioid overdose related surges, when overdose reports from local 911 dispatch, law enforcement (LE), visits to emergency departments (ED) and urgent care centers increase or other alert circumstances are initiated by first responders, community members, local governments, or the media in Huron County, Ohio.

Overdose alerts will be issued under the following circumstances:

• If Huron County has experienced 4 or more overdose related incidents within a 72 hour period

• If Huron County has experienced 3 or ore overdose related incidents within a 24 hour period

Alert Example

huron county quick response team (qrt)

The Huron County QRT team provides confidential help for opioid overdose survivors by connecting them to treatment & recovery support services.  Within 72 hours of an overdose report, the QRT team will:

  • Visit with survivor and/or family and friends at their residence or last known address.

  • Encourage the survivor to seek treatment. If the survivor wants treatment, they will be immediately connected with a treatment provider.

  • Provide local treatment and recovery resources to survivor and/or family/friends.

  • Provide the survivor and/or family and friends with a free naloxone kit if requested.

  • Provide the survivor with follow-up and support throughout treatment and recovery.

The Huron County QRT team is made up of the following organizations: Let’s Get Real, Inc., Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services, Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services, Oriana House, Inc., Norwalk Police Department, Huron County Sheriff’s Office, New London Police Department, Wakeman Police Department, Monroeville Police Department, and Plymouth Police Department.

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