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huron county trauma informed community initiative


MHAS has recently implemented a new initiative in our effort to create a Trauma Informed Community with the slogan "Hope. Healing. Recovery. Together We Overcome". Building a Trauma Informed Community was developed as a holistic approach to community engagement that recognizes the impacts of trauma on residents' lives. Building resilient and trauma informed communities is essential to improving public health and well-being. Although communities can be places where traumatic events occur, they can also help protect us and be a source of healing.

Our goal is to increase education and awareness throughout the community of the negative impact of unaddressed trauma, which often can be the underlying issue for many mental health and addiction concerns, in addition to sharing ways to prevent trauma and create a healthy community. Our hope is to shift the conversation from “What is wrong with a person?” to “What happened to the person?” in an effort to create a more empathetic community where barriers and stigma are reduced and people can find hope, healing, and recovery.


Visit the Huron County Trauma Informed Care Website below!

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